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About Us

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TriSector Education & Training has been providing benchmark quality programs since January 2010. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO number 52169) we have used our in house expertise to design, develop, manage and deliver training to in excess of 20,000 students.

Our scope includes multiple qualification programs including a range of enterprise short course programs supported by refresher training. We also offer training analysis, design and management services to corporate and government agencies.

Each successful student, regardless of the program, will gain in depth knowledge in their selected field of study that is only available by undertaking courses with a provider that supports the sectors we work in. This approach means students gain a more comprehensive understanding of the role they play and its importance in the end product or service.

Our aim is to provide comprehensive knowledge and skills with each of our training and assessment programs that will prepare all students to work safely; as well as the credentials necessary to demonstrate they meet employer requirements. In return, the employer gains a competitive advantage that only the best quality education & training can offer.


Our Business Solution Approach

Detailed training analysis for job role and function requirements from Management to Process Worker...

One of the best ways to introduce the highest level of efficiency & safety is to do a training analysis. At TriSector we offer all levels of business the opportunity to review who does what, are products and services under or over worked, is work competed efficiently with quality in mind, is work completed safely, is sufficient multi skilling occurring, are high performers identified for career progression and low performers identified for remedial action, are resources and equipment suitable for use when measured against competitors, KPI and quality requirements, is current training providing results, especially return on investment. At TriSector we don’t believe someone can simply walk in and tell you what you need. We work hard to understand your business, targets and KPI’s for each area you wish us to assess. Only once these needs are understood can we, or anyone else, effectively add value to your organisation with a Training Analysis.

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Training Management System Development and support

At TriSector we have access to a huge range of resources and business links so that we can develop simple and complex training management systems from Excel Based Training Matrices to bespoke multi-site cloud based Learner Management Systems(LMS). If you are not happy with your current system or don’t have one at all, why not give us a call for a free consultation. We will develop a proposal which once a commercial agreement is established can be actioned surprisingly quickly.

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Client Training Management System auditing...

Almost daily we are asked by our clients for copies of certification, evidence that a student did attend a program on a given day up to as much as five years ago or when does such and such need to do a refresher course? These are just a few examples of the standard of Training Management Systems of our clients. If you take the number of training providers you use and multiply that by the number of times our clients have lost training results, double booked students in external and internal training you start to get an idea of how much money is wasted by not having an effecting Training Management System. Just as we provide training analysis services, we can also undertake an analysis of your Training Management Systems. In most cases we can guarantee it either doesn’t do what it needs to or next to nobody can use it. We will provide a comprehensive system audit that can be used to identify remedial action for your system or a new system suited to your needs.

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Student management using integrated tailored user managed and/or accessed IT solutions...

An efficient solution that enables your organisation to concentrate on what you do best is outsourcing your student management. Whether it’s just for a large mobilisation operation or ongoing enterprise or site student management, TriSector, in conjunction with our business partners, can develop a system that integrates all of training management into a single resource. Records and data can be uploaded through enterprise access arrangements or we can do the lot with log in applications to retrieve training reports, individual employee files and /or records.

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Business and/or site regulatory auditing against Chain of Responsibility Legislation...

Specifically for those involved in the movement of goods and cargo, be they are your own products or a third party cargo. With the constantly changing Chain of Responsibility Legislation both nationally and in Western Australia, we offer auditing against current legislation that will identify areas of concern and non-compliance as well as areas you excel at.

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Specialist training consultancy and contract services...

You may know that TriSector is an ISO Accredited company. But did you know what we are accredited to do? We are accredited to design, develop, manage and deliver training and training management systems against four standards:

  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems.
  • ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems.
  • AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 Health and Safety Management Systems.


Using our accredited systems we can pretty much assist any organisation with just about any training related service. If you are struggling in an area where you think your management system (including provider vetting) outsourced or enterprise training may not be up to standard that you need.

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Our Industry Focus

Transport & Logistics
Workplace Safety
Business Management
Online Short Courses

Our Team

The TriSector Team is as diverse as the students which enrol in our programs. Not only do we introduce cultural backgrounds from five different continents, each of the team has a unique skill set that align to present one of, if not the best, management teams in any training organisation of our size. The great rapport we have with each other always leads to a combined focus on our staff and the students we serve. Our own varied backgrounds provide an example to each of our staff and students that we live our belief that from diversity comes strength and empowerment. Two critical outcomes that are also the result of quality education & training.


Mark Braeckmans

Managing Director


Chief Financial Officer


Director Research & Compliance

Jason Gavranic

Director Management Training
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